The trust is established:

  1. To create a sense of brotherhood, mutual cooperation/trust &  communal     

            harmony among the residents.

  • To endeavor to settle the disputes amicably among the residents or member of trust themselves.
  • To work for the upliftment of community irrespective of caste, creed Or religion and help the poor and needy person
  • To promote literacy, health, social & religious activities.
  • To work for the adult education and encourage the children in the field of education and sports
  • To educate residents of their right, duties and work for eradication of social evils like dowry, bribery, smoking, drug addiction and adulteration etc.
  • To organize sports and cultural events and medical treatments/check-up camps for the people and people and help the poor ailing person by providing medical aid/medicine etc.
  • To look after old aged persons in old age homes/shelters and help the windows
  • To protect cow & other animals of cow families & promote conservation of cows families & secure the breeding of healthcare of cows & other member of cow families by opening cow are centre cow food collection centre.
  • To promote homeopathy, ayurvedic, unani, electropathy opening hospital, dispensary, pharmacy & mobile healthcare units.
  • To assist the residents in getting essential civic amenities and take up their problem/grievances with the concerned authorities like G.D.A., police school, hospitals, water board etc.
  • To promote education art & culture especially among the culturally deprived & weaker section of the Trust.
  • To work for the harmonization between inter religion and intra religion and have not done from works of life in the trust.
  • To protect trust from in humanity create awareness between the general public to promote organize, run manage supervise super intend co-ordinate, affiliate control, guide the unprivileged children of the trust and their welfare related education and law in India.
  • To establish libraries & lecture halls organize seminar and exhibition for creating awareness on Indian values and education.
  • To publish Journal & articles creating general awareness among the public at large (relating to education art & culture) in the trust.
  • To establish/create a website in the name of trust  for guiding & up to date information and knowledge regarding education art & culture in the trust, protection and its related laws and education.
  • To provide and promote education and research in the fields of technology, science business & general education as are likely to promote the general public welfare of India.
  • To borrow or raise money with or without security and on such terms as the trust may think it’s fit to carry out the object of the trust.
  • To pay stipend, scholarship and other aids for prose curving studies training or research.
  • To establish & maintain libraries reading rooms for the convenience of the public.
  • To promote the ideals of great men of Indian religion field to do all other act deed and things as may be conducive to the attainment and for terrence of any other object of public utility not involving and carrying on of any activity of profit and without any distinction of cast creed and religion.
  • To conduct educational & consulting programs relating to various education and career opportunities viz. primary secondary &higher education teaching supplementary and preparatory classes, on line training, educational consultancy management consultancy placement service. Public relation exercise & software consultancy including providing content and expertise on the internet.
  • To undertake or promote scientific research relating to the main business or class of business of the trust.
  • To collect raise & receive subscription donation and gifts in cash or in kind for all or any of the objects of the trust and to apply the same in accordance with the condition presented by the donors and agreed to by the trust but beyond the object of the trust.